The Lie Makeup Helped Tell Me

The day I discovered I didn't need to wear makeup to feel pretty was a turning point in my life. I suppose for some it may feel like no big deal at all. For me, I can only describe it as completely freeing. And ironically, left me feeling prettier.  It all started with me having… Continue reading The Lie Makeup Helped Tell Me


The Friend Factory Is Closed For Business

When I was young and still in school finding and making friends was a cake walk. I mean, peers were practically handed right to you. You could have your pick out of several different people. Didn't like that one? There's a line of others to choose from. For lack of a better word, school was… Continue reading The Friend Factory Is Closed For Business

The Silver Lining In Losing The Son I Never Had

    For me, motherhood started like an impromptu road trip across country. It wasn't planned, and was scary and exciting all at once. I had no clue what I was in for. And although no one really does, most go into it with the vision of a perfect child. A road trip with perfect… Continue reading The Silver Lining In Losing The Son I Never Had