Hello all!! Welcome to my very first blog. And like most of my daily life, I’m flying by┬áthe seat of my pants with this. I decided to start blogging basically to share my trials and tribulations with all who want to hear them. I will be writing about my adventures as a stay at home mother, a step mother, a wife, and most importantly a woman trying to be myself. Trying to stay true to me, while still being the best mom and such I can. So in short, I’m blogging to find the me that’s been hiding in the over 12 years of motherhood and most recently, the almost 5 years of stay at home motherhood. I hope to help other women feel like they aren’t crazy, or at least not crazy alone! To help entertain with crazy and silly parenthood moments, while also tackling some of the more serious stuff. So feel free to join me on my adventures big and small!


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