I Am Endless

I originally wrote this February 13th of this year. Since I was about 12 I’ve used writing as a way to get my emotions and feelings out, and reflect on them; a type of personal therapy I suppose. I really like this piece, because it represents my search for self acceptance and love of who I am. The good, bad, and ugly. 

I am the vast sky you look at at night,

full of small sparks of light and dark mystery. 

I am the ocean on a stormy day,

endless, in motion, rough and smooth all at once. 

I am the tear that falls,

a pool of sadness, a sign of cheer. 

I  am a newborn screaming for it’s mother,

full of wants, impatient with needs. 

I am the warmth you feel on a summer day,

a blanket of comfort, a dash of content. 

I am a tree flowing in the wind,

always bending this way or that, never breaking. 

I am the icicle hanging from your roof,

cold and rigid, yet still beautiful. 

I am a child in this world,

still full of hope for tomorrow. 

I am the strong breeze that blows,

invisible to most, but felt by those who care to notice. 

I am a piece in this wide world,

and this world is but a piece of me. 


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